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January 2014
Introducing BKL Singles--You Can Have Just One!

Paul Capello from Airgun Reporter talks to John McCaslin from BKL Technologies about the BKL's rings and risers now available as individual items instead of just pairs. BKL Singles can be mixed and matched to suit your specific shooting application. Standard single strap, double strap, and now a wide double strap and triple strap. This variety allows for a set of rings up to 8 clamping screws for heavy duty spring rifles and heavy scopes. BKL Singles are available in 1" and 30mm to mount red dots sights and flashlights. Available now as individual items or as sets as they have been.


November 2011
New Products Bulletin 2012--Raise Them Up!

2012 New Products Bulletin

BKL Technologies, the Rimfire and Airgun Mount Specialist. is expanding the world's largest selection of airgun and rimfire dovetail mounting solutions to include an Adjustable Scope Mount System. Featuring BKL's patented Auto-Centering and Clamp Spreading technology, this mount is ideal for rifles that need additional scope elevation adjustment and for those trying to keep their crosshairs optically centered in the scope tube.

The BKL adjustable mount system is a significant improvement over traditional adjustable scope mounts available on the market today; this design incorporates side rails for mounting additional shooting accessories, a lower profile than usually achievable in an adjustable mount, 2.5 inches of clamping length with six clamping screws, and availability for 1-inch or 30mm scope tubes.

BKL-288 (1") BKL-388 (30mm)
Overall Length: 4 inches 4 inches
Clamping Length: 2.5 inches 2.5 inches
Turret Clearance: 0.180 inches 0.180 inches
Weight: 4.5 ounces 4.5 ounces
Bottom of Mount to Bottom of Scope Tube: 0.825 inches 0.825 inches


September 2011

BKL Tri-Mounts

That's right. One 11mm or 14mm dovetail rail plus any one of our Tri-Mount Adaptor Sets gives you three 11mm dovetail mounting rails where there used to be one.

BKL Technologies, the rimfire and airgun mount specialist, is expanding the world's largest selection of dovetail options to include new Tri-Mount Risers in 11 mm to 11mm and 11mm to 14 mm. The Tri-Mount riser design allows for additional dovetail mounting points on each side, instantly tripling the mounting surfaces of any dovetail mounting rail equipped airgun or rimfire rifle with no gunsmithing or additional tools. A mounting wrench is provided with each BKL Product.

The side facing dovetails allow for the installation of tactical lights, lasers, or other accessories and causes little change to the center of gravity. The top dovetail is .68" above the original rail for a more natural, heads-up shooting position.

The 11 mm Tri-mounts range in length from 0.6 inches to 4 inches and are available in matte black or matte stainless. The 14 mm introduction is available in a one inch length. The new risers and mounts feature BKL's patented Auto-Centering technology.

The new mounts are available now at your sporting goods dealer on online at All BKL products are manufactured at our Fort Worth, Texas headquarters. BKL Technologies' patented competition-grade scope mounting systems include scope mounts, scope rings, dovetail to weaver/Picatinny adaptors, scope risers and scope levels that utilize a quick-installing and self-aligning clamping system that fits 11 mm, 14mm and 3/8 inch dovetail mounting rails.

11 mm Dovetail
BKL-167.................1" Long Tri-Mount Dovetail Riser Mount....................... $ 29.50 MSRP
BKL-169.................4" Long Tri-Mount Dovetail Riser Mount....................... $ 45.00 MSRP
BKL-173.................1-5/8" Long Tri-Mount Dovetail Riser Mount................. $ 25.00 MSRP
BKL-181.................6/10" Long Tri-Mount Dovetail Riser Mount.................. $ 18.50 MSRP
14 mm Dovetail
BKL-466.................14mm Plus 1" Long Tri-Mount Dovetail Riser................ $ 29.50 MSRP


January 2011

BKL's 12-Way Level eliminates canting error long-range shooters often encounter. The level is easy to install and attached to any 1-inch or 30mm scope tube. Position the level vial above, below, or off to the side for shooter preference. When not in use the level conveniently folds for transport.
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BKL Ring Mount Level quickly and conveniently mounts to any BKL one or two piece scope mount.
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